Whether it be at a local level or a national one, any business dealing with cannabis will need excellent SEO in order to stand out from the pack and draw in an audience.

Search Engine Optimization

You may or may not already be familiar with the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which deals, in essence, with making your website more visible and easier for clients to find. This is something that every site works on to continually improve upon, in an effort to gain an edge over the competition.

SEO is of great importance in the domain of cannabis marketing, as the current interest in cannabis, hemp, CBD oil, and everything related is developing at an exponential rate. With that growing interest, the number of cannabis websites is also in the process of exploding, which will lead to a high level of competition.

An estimated 80% of consumers engage in some degree of internet research before making a purchase, so ensuring that your business is being found by your audience is a major factor of your success. 

So, what steps can we take to improve your SEO and bring you the results you need? 

Keyword Analysis for Better Results

SEO often deals with keywords—the words and phrases used by those who are seeking something online. By knowing and targeting the best cannabis keywords, you will come up more often in searches, and rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Those businesses that rank highest in search results receive the most traffic, and thus have a greater likelihood of conversion, so a proper understanding of keyword use and analysis a vital component of your SEO. 

Building Your Google Business Profile

Google is still the go-to choice for the majority of those seeking something online. By creating your Google Business profile, you will have your name, address, and phone number automatically indexed with Google, and even more importantly, it will allow your business to show up on Google’s map results when potential clients in your area are searching for your services. 
Cannabis will need to change perceptions because while it is now becoming known for its therapeutic uses, for many more, it is still something that is connected to a negative lifestyle—whether that be of “lazy, unmotivated kids” or worse, criminals.

Using Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to interact with your customers and build a relationship with them. It puts a human face on your company, helping clients relate to you and invest their trust in you and your services and products.

Using social media the right way will also help with your SEO, so at minimum, your business should have a Facebook page, given that it is still one of the most widely-used social media sites. This can help you reach a larger, but still very targeted audience, and send traffic to your website. Facebook’s ad platform, when put to proper use, can be of great benefit to you in terms of sales. 

Analysis of Competitors

By comparing your business to your direct competitors in the cannabis industry, we can measure where you stand regarding the effectiveness of your SEO, in order to target the right means of advertising. This allows us to keep you out in front of your competitors and in your audience’s vision. 
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Website Structure Analysis

In addition to the content, keywords, and other factors which serve to draw your audience to you, your site’s actual performance will help determine how long they will stick around. A slow site or one that is not optimized for mobile devices will turn people away. We will help you get your site up to speed and keep it that way. 
In order to continually draw traffic to your site, it will take more than simply tossing up a landing page and waiting. You will need to continually produce new content, hence the expression “content is King”. Your site will attract visitors by creating engaging content on a regular basis.

This content can be optimized a number of ways, such as removing or replacing duplicate content, placing keywords correctly in page titles to help Google rank your pages, adding keyword-rich content to any pages that are underperforming, and creating new landing pages to appeal to new visitors. Other parts of your website that we analyze include meta elements such as title tags, meta descriptions and site content, to ensure that all of these are optimized. We also look at conversion rates to spot potential weak points on your site content and test to see what works best. By reviewing the content on your site, we can diagnose any existing or potential issues related to voice search compatibility, poorly ranking content, missing pages or other site errors, and more. The content on your site is its most important feature, being the very thing that will attract and convert visitors. 

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Optimizing On-Page Content 
The success of your site is dependent on more than just the site itself; much of your success comes from off-site sources, such as review sites, online directories, industry blogs and more. We can make use of what others are saying about you to help build your online presence and establish your reputation. This can be done through such things as:

- Authority-building measures - Reputable directory listings
- Increased organic traffic
- Authentic reviews
- Locality-based content
- Unique title tags and meta descriptions for individual products, and service areas.

Proper cannabis SEO will ensure that your site stands out in front of the growing cannabis industry, bringing you the business you seek. 

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