Greenline POS

Cannabis POS Grows Bigger In Just 3 Months After Rankings Drop  


We had the opportunity to join forces with Greenline POS, an industry leader in cannabis point of sale, serving over 70 locations across Canada. Their technology allows inventory management in accordance to government regulations.

Greenline came to our agency following an unexpected drop in organic traffic. These drops can happen to anyone following algorithm updates from search engines like Google, but can occur even more frequently in industries experiencing growth and new regulation infrastructure. As a Premier Google Partner, we are constantly monitoring changes in search algorithms and PPC trends, and are able to formulate strategies for our clients that are adaptable to ensure that we achieve results.

Search Engine Optimization To Regain Rankings

After reviewing Greenline’s position, we were able to execute both on and off page search engine optimization (SEO) strategies including keyword development, citation building to boost URL strength, and streamlining website content to get them back on track  

SEO Results After 3 Months

Within 3 months Greenline POS was able to increase their organic Google position by 218 spots over 79 keywords. They went from 44 terms ranking in the top 3 positions to 61!

Increase In Organic Traffic
- 23% More keywords in the top ten positions than their next closest competitor
- 37% Increase in Organic search traffic
- 89% Goal Conversion

Take Away

No matter where you sit in search engine rankings, the landscape is constantly changing and continual search engine optimization is key to staying ahead of your competitors. SEO is of even greater importance for cannabis companies as paid advertising channels can be harder to penetrate due to regulations. By leveraging SEO, cannabis dispensaries are able attain top of mind and page awareness without having to pay for it.
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