Cannabis Extraction and Solvent Company Increases Sales By 375% In One Year 

Cannabis Extraction and Solvent Company Increases Sales By 375% In One Year

When it comes to advertising cannabis companies in Canada, it can be a tricky world to navigate. Despite the obstacles, our agency is committed to working with new and emerging brands in the cannabis industry to grow their businesses online. Recently we worked with an emerging player in the extraction equipment and solvents segment. They were failing to generate enough awareness and ultimately convert sales online.

Having recently launched into a niche segment, they came to us in search of a digital marketing plan that would penetrate and position them as leaders in their market. Challenges they faced included poor search rankings, difficulty navigating Pay Per Click advertising, and low sales conversions. To overcome these obstacles, our agency created a plan that focused on core elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC),  

SEO Success

Over the course of 12 months our SEO technicians systematically optimized their website for keywords that would drive business growth. This made them more appealing to search engines like Google, which in turn drove their website to the number one result for terms like closed loop CO2 extractor, heptane Canada, and best extract liquifier. Year over year they now ranked in the top three spots in Google for over 70% more keywords, and 60% more keywords for positions four through ten (still on first page). These were huge gains, which generated over 57% more organic users. They had successfully created a non-paid traffic source which would continue to fill their online sales funnel.


SEO can take time to establish results, so that is why we also recommended using PPC to drive short term gains as well. By creating a Google Ad campaign using niche market terms, tightly themed ad groups and leveraging remarketing, we were able to create a very respectful conversation rate of 1.19%.  
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By leveraging both SEO and PPC strategies, this emerging Cannabis company was able to penetrate their market niche, and grow their revenue by 375% in one year.
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