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5 Creative Ways Cannabis Brands Are Marketing Themselves

As we brink on an evolution of mainstream cannabis integration and regulatory conception, brands are taking notice of the opportunities, and working to step up their cannabis marketing strategy. At such a pivotal point, now is the time to take stock of your position and goals, and see if your message matches the mark. It’s […]
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Revamping the Devils Weed: How Cannabis Companies are Breaking Away from the Plants Dark Marketing Roots

The cannabis community is nothing if not imaginative. Locked in a competitive scramble to convince the consumer why theirs is the brand to beat, it’s little wonder so many marketing strategies reflect this colorful race for originality. From campaigns that appeal to old school hippie types, through to images, ambiance and vernacular traditionally reserved for […]
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lit agency Marketing Industry Braces Cannabis 2.0

Marketing Industry Braces Itself for Cannabis 2.0

Only a year after Canada legalized recreational cannabis it has already become a multibillion-dollar enterprise. As only the second country in the world to enter this uncharted territory, the journey from the underground to the high street has not been without trials, particularly for cannabis marketing firms. As the canaries in the cannabis coal mine, […]
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Body and Mind Names LiT Agency Digital Marketing Partner

Body and Mind Names The LiT Agency As Their Digital Marketing Partner

Press Release – 4th October 2019 Body and Mind (CNSX: BAMM) is a well capitalized, experienced US Multi-State Operator with operations in Nevada, California, Arkansas and Ohio. Body and Mind is marqui lifestyle brand with award winning strains, oils, extracts and edibles. Body and Mind is dedicated to increasing shareholder value by focusing resources on […]
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Removing Noindex From Your Robots.txt Files

Well, it’s official now. Google is sending out reminders to webmasters that they need to stop relying on noindex in their robots.txt file. Google will be removing support for the noindex directive altogether and is notifying many within the SEO community. The notification itself comes in the form of a message in Google Search Console […]
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Marketing Cannabis on Instagram dispensary

Marketing Cannabis on Instagram

Looking for ways to market your dispensary on Instagram? Instagram is becoming ever more popular social media channel for marketing cannabis brands and CBD products, but how effective is it at converting your followers into repeat customers? Is it a worthwhile investment in your marketing strategy? A report from Facebook may help to put your […]
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