Looking for ways to market your dispensary on Instagram?

Instagram is becoming ever more popular social media channel for marketing cannabis brands and CBD products, but how effective is it at converting your followers into repeat customers? Is it a worthwhile investment in your marketing strategy?

A report from Facebook may help to put your mind at ease. This report found that Instagram users who use cannabis take inspiration from the people, brands, and dispensaries that they find in their feeds. The report further stated that Instagram does more than raise awareness—it also generates sales. Of those surveyed, 54% reported that they made a purchase after seeing a product or service on Instagram.

Knowing this, we can see that Instagram is, indeed, a useful means for you to market your dispensary, but how can you best accomplish this? Keep reading!


Create a Positive Image

Digging deeper into the Facebook report, which relied on feedback from 21,000 Instagram users in thirteen countries, we find that 78% of users view brands on Instagram as creative and popular, and 74% find brands that they encounter on Instagram to be relevant to them. A brand’s mere presence on Instagram can leave potential customers with a positive impression.

For most people, the purchase of cannabis edibles, CBD, and other products is rarely made based on the first impression. By having an active presence on Instagram, you are making regular, repeated contact with your audience.

Marketing Cannabis on Instagram dispensary owner



Use Instagram Stories to Post Informational Content

It’s great to be viewed well by your audience, but how well does Instagram help you with actually getting sales? According to Facebook, Instagram impacts every step of the purchase process, starting with building awareness and ending with conversion/purchases.

Instagram is used by many to discover what is trending. Customers use it to research marijuana and CBD products before they purchase, and this is a factor in whether or not they choose your dispensary. At each step along the purchase process, you are able to connect with your customers and drive action.

Marketing Cannabis on Instagram stories


Focus on Helping Your Customers

Your Instagram marketing can influence potential buyers at each stage of the purchase cycle, so it is wise to focus on helping the customer understand what benefits your products hold for them. Post informative, educational content that helps them in their decision making.

The Facebook report tells us that when people were asked about the effect of brand content on their purchasing, their responses indicated that:

  • 41% felt that a brand’s content was useful in researching products and services
  • 42% felt that high-quality content helped them discover a new product or service
  • 44% felt that relevant brand content helped with finding information about products and services

Marketing Cannabis on Instagram couple stories

Post Information that Will Drive Action

By posting relevant product information, you will help to turn curious consumers into customers for your dispensary. Of the 21,000 people surveyed, 87% stated that they took action upon seeing information about a product on Instagram. This included visiting a brand’s website, following the brand, or making a purchase online.

Instagram has made it easier for consumers to take these actions by adding the Shopping on Instagram feature, letting customers click on specific products.

Using Instagram for your cannabis marketing allows you to easily connect with your audience, making it easy for customers to act, and allowing for easy communication between them and your dispensary.

Marketing cannabis on Instagram is a great way to reach your social media audience and allows for the creation of relationships that will lead to increased business for your dispensary. With the limitations on marketing that the cannabis industry faces, making use of Instagram is not something to overlook.

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