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You’ve probably heard the expression “lit” used to describe something or someone that is particularly good. Something that is truly amazing is often described as lit. You may also have heard the words used to describe someone who is intoxicated, which is actually a bit closer to the original meaning.   

The term was used several decades ago in the 50’s and 60’s. Jazz musicians at the time used the word to describe a fellow musician who was becoming intoxicated but only to the point where they were able to relax and give a better performance. A musician who was just drunk enough was considered to be lit or in the so-called “sweet spot.” They would stop short of becoming too drunk, avoiding any motor skill impairment. 

The sweet spot was the point at which everything came together in the right amounts to produce the desired effect -- delighting the audience with a performance to be marveled at. So, how did we come to adopt that name?  

Well, frankly, we do believe our team is LiT. That is to say, we feel that all the right elements have come together to create that “sweet spot” in which we now reside. These elements include our team of 16 experts in local marketing who have a combined total of more than 110 years of experience dealing with SEO, branding, website design, PR, social media, and marketing. We use these skills to help companies find new customers, as well as nurture previously existing ones. We make use of the latest digital marketing big data, and we watch social trends to provide you with the best marketing solutions so that we can grow together.  


Finding the right people to partner with can sometimes be difficult, especially in business. You want to be sure that whomever you team up with can share your vision and will work with you in a way that advances your company goals. You wouldn’t want a partnership with someone whose work is incompatible with your own. 

This can be especially true of a marketing company, given the importance of proper marketing to your company’s success. One step further, this becomes vital to those within the cannabis industry, for whom marketing already poses certain challenges not faced by other, more traditional businesses. 


Traditional marketing doesn’t really work anymore, at least not like it used to. In fact, traditional marketing was never quite as effective as we sometimes remember it to be. It was never directed to specific audiences, and instead played a numbers game, banking on the idea that simply getting the message out to as many people as possible would grow a business. 
Unfortunately, the message would too often miss the target market of potential customers. Cannabis marketing has changed, and marketing for the cannabis industry, in particular, must be adaptable and creative, given the limitations imposed upon it.  

Marketing today makes use of modern technology. It is data-driven and highly targeted. Simply putting an ad out there and hoping that the right person will see it isn’t a viable strategy. Today, there is no guessing. Marketing strategies are continually being tested and adjusted as we know what is working well, what is sort of working, and what is not working at all.  

Social media has become a large part of modern marketing, and it is difficult to remain relevant without an online social presence which allows you to interact with your audience. A digital marketing agency would give you access to experienced social media experts capable of managing your accounts, your content, the creation of your online brand, and communication with your customers.  

Perhaps even more importantly, your digital marketing agency will be able to handle your advertising online, targeting the most appropriate users and directing them toward your website.  

Digital cannabis marketing agencies focus on getting results in the digital world and look to deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI). They work with your company to evaluate your needs and build the right strategy to get you where you want to be. They will also help your company improve productivity and efficiency. 

Boosting Your Cannabis Marketing Return On Investment

This is an important one. In fact, this is one of the most important things that a marketing agency can provide. A higher ROI will give higher profits. Strategies never become set in stone. Through constant testing and checking, your strategy will change and evolve. You will see more leads, and more of those leads will convert into customers. That means sales growth for you in the booming cannabis industry.

Your digital marketing agency website traffic can also evaluate the traffic to your website, providing information on the best possible platforms for your marketing efforts to help ensure the highest return on your investments.


We’ve been helping companies in the cannabis industry since 2012. Whether they be dispensary shops, extraction and production companies, edible brands, or accessory brands, we’re in the sweet spot to help them out.
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LiT Agency is the only Premier Google Partner Agency to service the Marijuana industry, and we are the highest rated marketing agency in North America.
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